Added in: release-2021-03

You can configure notifications to enable the possibility that a user can get notifications for changes on a document.

module.exports = {
v: 2,
notifications: {
// Define actionGroups which the user can select per document
actionGroups: [
// First example group, interested in ALL changes
handle: 'all',
label: 'All Events',
description: 'Comments, Tasks, Publish and delete',
// add actions on which the user should get a notification
actions: [
// the task requester is notified on task changed even without subscription
notifyTaskRequester: true,
// the author is auto subscribed to the document with the specified actionGroup
autoSubscribeOwner: {enabled: true, actionGroup: 'all'}

Possible action to register on at the moment:

  • task.change config options:

    // assign to all tasks and statusChanges
    // assign to task proofreading on statusChanges 'requested', 'accepted', 'completed'
    {type: 'task.change', taskName: 'proofreading', statusChange: ['requested', 'accepted', 'completed']}
  • document.publish

  • document.unpublish

  • document.copy

  • document.delete

  • document.transform

  • comment.add