Project Config

The project config affects all configurable settings of a Livingdocs project, e.g. the content types or the design. There can be several project configs within a Livingdocs installation, one for each project.

The project config has wide UI support. Basically the whole section "Project Setup" in the Livingdocs Main Navigation allows setting parts of the Project config via UI options. The parts that have UI support are marked in the documentation.

The project config is a huge JSON file with subproperties for things like content types. Below is a simple example:

v: 2,
settings: {
// If a channel has the channel `name` 'web' the channel configuration with
// the `handle` 'web' will be used.
handle: 'web',
editMode: 'default',
// Multi-language
// Important: Make sure to use ISO-639-1 compliant locale codes
// defines the languages that a user can select for a document
availableLanguages: [
'name': 'English',
'value': 'en-US'
}, {
'name': 'German',
'value': 'de-DE'
// used to create new documents
defaultLanguage: {
name: 'English',
value: 'en-US'
// setup the push notification feature if applicable
// for this to work you also must:
// 1. configure firebase in the server-wide `pushNotifications` configuration
// 2. have a metadata field with the (exact) name `pushNotifications`
// IMPORTANT: value can not contain more than three comma separated entries
// see firebase conditions for more details.
pushNotifications: {
topics: [{
handle: 'breaking-news',
label: 'Breaking News',
value: 'ios_de_breakingnews, android_de_breakingnews'
}, {
handle: 'sport',
label: 'Sport',
value: 'ios_de_sports, android_de_sports'
// Copy Configuration
copy: [{
source: {
channelHandle: 'web',
contentType: 'gallery'
target: [{
channelHandle: 'web',
contentType: 'gallery',
options: {
copyUnknownComponents: false
metadata: {
map: [
{from: 'title', to: 'title'},
{from: 'author', to: 'description'}
allowTransform: true
// This setting can be overwritten in the `contentType` config
imageSourcePolicy: [{
provider: 'upload',
enabled: true
}, {
provider: 'hugo',
enabled: false
}, {
provider: 'url',
enabled: true,
hosts: ['//']
// includeServices (added in release-2020-05)
// using this config, you can declaratively define include services
includeServices: [
handle: 'my-service',
rendering: {
type: 'remote',
url: '',
timeout: 3000
config: {
foo: 'this config is sent to the service'
// paramsSchema is used to render a form for datainput when a component
// using this service on an include directive
paramsSchema: [
type: 'li-text', // li-text is the only supported type in release-2020-05
handle: 'myText'
defaultParams: {
myText: 'A default value for the myText property'
// Integrations (added in release-2020-04)
integrations: {
// Comyan (added in release-2020-04)
comyan: {
enabled: true,
buttonLabel: 'open comyan'
mediaSystem: {
credentials: {
username: 'user',
password: '****'
baseUrl: '',
// Webhooks (added in release-2020-05)
webhooks: {
enabled: true
configurations: [{
handle: 'my-webhook',
label: 'My Webhook',
description: 'A description for future self and coworkers',
url: '',
token: 'a-secret-token-to-sign-the-request'
active: true
events: ['document.published', 'document.unpublished']
// Content Types
contentTypes: [{
// Media Types
mediaTypes: [{
// currently only type 'mediaImage' is supported
// Editor settings are sent to the editor and control the behavior of your editor
editorSettings: {
userMenu: [],
dashboards: [],
mediaLibrary: {}

In a nutshell, the project configuration allows you to:

  • describe general information

  • define contentTypes

  • define mediaTypes

  • define copy options

  • configure the push notifications feature

  • configure the multi-language feature

  • configure integrations

  • configure includeServices for third-party rendering

  • configure the behavior of the editor