First Steps

Get Started with Livingdocs as a Service

Livingdocs offers a headless CMS as a service.
This short guide explains how to set up and use the service with your own design.

1) Basic Setup

2) Create your own design

  • ​Download the project config from the Livingdocs Service
  • Understand and modify the project config​
    • modify the project settings
    • add contentTypes
    • define components and metadata in contentTypes
    • define your design design settings​
  • ​Publish your project config and the embedded design at the Livingdocs Service

3) Administration

  • Create groups with the different Rights
  • Invite Users to your project

4) Embed documents on your website

Download project config from service

With the cli tool livingdocs-cli (), you can down- and upload project configs and embedded designs.


  • Registered on Livingdocs Service​
  • Created an API token
  • installed cli livingdocs-cli -> npm install -g livingdocs-cli


export LI_TOKEN=<your-project-token>
export LI_DIST_FOLDER=<folder-where-your-project-config-will-be-downloaded>
export LI_HOST=
livingdocs-cli project-config:download

Next Steps

  • Go into your LI_DIST_FOLDER folder
  • Now you can change your project settings and the design

Publish a project config to the service

After modifying the project config and the design locally, you can publish the config/design to the service. Please always reload the editor in the browser so that the new config is loaded.

Publication restrictions

  • content-types can't be removed
  • metadata-fields can't be removed


livingdocs-cli project-config:publish -d path-to-config-folder

Show documents on your frontend

To render documents on your website, you have to load them via Livingdocs public API​
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